What happened to the buggies?

When people hear the term ‘Mennonite’ they often think of buggies, hair coverings and plain suits. While there are some groups that dress in an older tradition, they represent only a very small portion of Mennonites world wide. And while New Danville has a rich 300 year history you’ll currently find a group of people from all walks of life that dress in many different styles. So if we dress normally and drive Fords and Chevy’s instead of horse and buggies what makes us Mennonite you may ask? It’s our core values of seeking peace, serving others and doing our best to follow Jesus as a life long journey. Many of the people who attend New Danville (including our Pastor) didn’t grow up ‘Mennonite’ but found these values endearing and became a part of the New Danville family. We hope the same will happen for you.

Each week we have small groups that meet at 9:00am on Sunday morning where lessons and ideas are shared. At 10:15 we have our public gathering where we all come together to worship. Every other Tuesday a group called Motley Church meets as an alternative service for those looking for something different. The message is more conversational and it feels more like an informal gathering. Other various special interest groups meet throughout the month. They cover a range of topics and interests from a mom’s group called SMILE to a group of model train enthusiasts who put up a large display at the church each year. There’s a group for ladies called Seed of Joy, a running class called Run for God and a men’s gathering known as the James Gang. Take time to explore the website and find a group that might interest you. There’s a whole family waiting to meet you at New Danville!